123 N. Lake Street

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123 N. Lake Street
The Front Entrance of the Church
The Front Entrance of the Universal World Church on Lake Street
Town Los Angeles, CA
Country USA
Address 123 N. Lake Street
Coordinates 34°04′06″N 118°16′16″W
34.068289°N 118.271176°W
34.068289; -118.271176

The Mother Church of the Universal World Church occupied a building at 123 N. Lake Street in Los Angeles, California from the time of the church's founding in 1958, until the time the building was demolished in 2003.

The building was described by Frank Zappa as a "quonset hut".

Prior to 1958, the site was the home of Calvary Temple whose pastor was Leroy M. Kopp.

The site is now occupied by the Lake Street Primary Center, a public school of the Los Angeles Unified School district and its address is 135 N. Lake Street.