Jaggers's Dallas Revival as Reported in the 1952 Voice of Healing Magazine

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The following article TWELVE DALLAS PASTORS SPONSOR JAGGERS REVIVAL appeared in the March 1952 Voice of Healing magazine regarding a revival conducted by O. L. Jaggers. Thousands were reportedly in attendance. The report was affirmed by cooperating pastors.[1]

Attended by Thousands
Report Below Signed by Cooperating Pastors

Again the revival fires have been fanned to give Dallas one of the mightiest religious awakenings ever witnessed here. Rev. O. L. Jaggers, now an internationally-known evangelist by way of his wide-spread radio ministry, whose ministry just two years ago stirred Dallas in a twelve-week revival, has returned, having been directed by God to do so, with a marvelous, and revolutionary message, effecting salvation and Divine Healing for many hundreds of sin-captive, sick and suffering mankind.

Many thousands, gathering in the Dallas Sportatorium, with a seating capacity of over 6,000, have witnessed the supernatural power of God in a fashion and spiritual level they have not witnessed before. Each service was signally marked as being directed under the leadership, not of man alone, but of the Holy Spirit. Truly, in many respects, the ministry of the early New Testament believers has been re-enacted time and again before our very eyes. It would be difficult to express in the vernacular, words that would properly describe the spiritual atmosphere which has been charged by the dynamo of heaven. God's Omnipotence! Night after night scores of people have moved into the altars, then streaming into the prayer room areas, until there was hardly space left to kneel.

After the altar services the sick and suffering were ministered to. Shouts of great ecstasy and joy resounded as blind eyes received sight, deaf ears were unstopped, and the lame made to walk. Among the stretcher cases was a lad of about ten years of age, who had been bedfast approximately eight weeks stricken by paralysis, and who could not so much as lift a hand to his face, lying on his back. After being prayed for, he was able to raise it above his head straightforwardly. Although in a very weakened physical condition, he also cast his limbs to make steps.

The cases of blind receiving sight, deaf ears being unstopped, and many other afflictions from which deliverance' was wrought, are far too numerous to mention separately here. Some outstanding characteristics of the ministry of our Brother Jaggers may be noted. The keynote of his heavily-anointed messages has not been, as some would suppose, Divine Healing, but rather the ministration of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which are productive of signs and wonders, and working of miracles, of which Divine Healing carries a major part. Brother Jaggers' messages to the Church have been pungent and dynamic, aimed towards stirring up the Gifts of God within her. His salvation and prophetic messages have contained such realism to the truth, hundreds have responded to accept Christ for the first time, and scores of backsliders reclaimed. In addition to this, the effect of these too-long-neglected messages of truth, is expected to culminate in the most profound moving of the Holy Spirit, and veering from formalism than any other re-vival has produced in many of the local churches.

Another great factor contributing to the success of his effort, was the cooperation of twelve sponsoring Assembly of God and Full GosRel churches. With unity comes strength, and this strength has been evidenced by the most wonderful spirit of cooperation between these respective pastors. This union meeting also sets a precedent, as none other has been forthcoming in the past in the city of Dallas on this scale. Surely this is the work of God, and if this is a criterion of what may be expected in the future, many other great revival efforts, if Jesus tarries, may be launched on this scale, or perhaps even larger.

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