Process Server Jaggers Clash Over Subpoena

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It was reported in the Los Angeles Times, July 15, 1958 that O. L. Jaggers met Louis Sayles, the defendant, in court over a disturbance caused by Mr. Sayles in a Sunday morning service at the Universal World Church:

Process Server, Jaggers Clash Over Subpoena

Difficulty--or ease--in serving subpoenas on Evangelist O. L. Jaggers featured testimony yesterday in the peace disturbance trial of Louis Sayles, 28, professional process server.

Sayles, represented by Atty. Marvin M. Mitchelson, is on trial without a jury before Municipal Judge John G. Barnes on a misdemeanor complaint of disturbing the peace and disturbing a religious service.

Sermon Interrupted

Mr. Jaggers, pastor-founder and president of the World Church, Inc., testified he was preaching before the television cameras last May 4 when he noticed a commotion.

"l was beginning to answer a Bible question my wife had just asked," he said, "when I saw this man some distance from me waving his arms. I heard him say 'Rev. Jaggers, you are served.

"I was startled and shocked. I had no idea what it was all about. I was disturbed in speaking from the Bible."

The witness said, "I have never refused service from anyone who has tried to serve me."

Server Flees

Sayles, on the stand later in the day, said he had tried to subpoena Jaggers in a civil suit "four or five times in a, conventional manner but without success. I was rebuffed."

Sayles said he fled from the television studio after completing, his errand because "I had heard Mr. Jaggers was not averse to using violence."

The trial will end today. [1]


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