Dr. Miss Velma Jaggers

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Dr. Miss Velma Jaggers
Miss Velma Jaggers, undated
Miss Velma Jaggers, undated
Born December 12, 1919
Died August 21, 2004
Glendale, CA
Resting place Sanctuary of Prayer, Freedom Mausoleum, Forestlawn, Glendale, CA
34°07′20″N 118°14′04″W
34.122272°N 118.234503°W
34.122272; -118.234503
Nationality American
Other names Miss Velma
Occupation Evangelist, Pastor
Spouse Orval Lee Jaggers
Children Ronnie and Larry Jaggers
Parents John Henry Jaggers (1887-1973)

The Dr. Velma "Miss Velma" Mary Lee Jaggers (December 12, 1919 - August 21, 2004) was an American pastor, evangelist, and author.

Early Life

Miss Velma was born and raised in Arkansas, the daughter of John Henry Jaggers.


Miss Velma married the Rev. Dr. Orval Lee Jaggers at the age of 37.[1] At this point, the church he had founded, the World Church, was already well established and he was a prominent pastor and evangelist. In 1966, Miss Velma recognized a need within the church especially to minister to the "older members" of the congregation. It was at this time that God granted her the ministry of the restoration of youth.[2]

Miss Velma is known throughout the world as "The Messenger of God's Youth". She was shown a vision in Los Angeles of the exact location of Mamre in Israel, where God restored Abraham and Sarah to the days of their youth when they were about 100 years old. Following the vision, she went to Israel and went directly to the location of Mamre in hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness, which had been lost for more than 3000 years.[3]

Miss Velma is also well known for her powerful preaching accompanied by impressive theatrics often incorporating "soaring above the congregation" on horseback, in a chariot, spaceship, or dressed as an angel.[2][4] Miss Velma has been televised hundreds of times, and her ministry has been seen in some 70 countries.[3]


Miss Velma's has written no less than two books, The Mighty Miracle of the Restoration of God's Youth and The Mighty Miracle of Mamre. Her writings have been described as "the most wonderful revelations of truth ever presented to this generation" and "masterpieces of unparalleled Biblical truth for this generation."[3]


Miss Velma holds the following degrees granted by the World Church University: Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Physiological Botany and Dendrology. Dendrology is the art and science of the study of trees.[3]

Personal Life

In 1957, Velma Jaggers married her first cousin, O. L. Jaggers at the World Church.[1] Velma Jaggers did not have any biological children of her own though at one point she and O. L. were raising two boys as their own, Larry, the son of Omah Abernathy, O. L.'s sister; and Robbie, O. L.'s grandson by his biological daughter, Joan.[5][6][7]


Miss Velma passed away at the age of 84 in Glendale, CA. She is interred in the Sanctuary of Prayer, in the Freedom Mausoleum at Forestlawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.[8]


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