Rev. Dr. Orval Lee Jaggers

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Rev. Dr. Orval Lee Jaggers
Jaggers seated in his office, 1958
Jaggers seated in his office, 1958
Born January 8, 1916
Dardanelle, AR
Died January 10, 2004
Glendale, CA
Resting place Sanctuary of Prayer, Freedom Mausoleum, Forestlawn, Glendale, CA
34°07′20″N 118°14′04″W
34.122272°N 118.234503°W
34.122272; -118.234503
Nationality American
Other names O. L. Jaggers
Occupation Evangelist, Pastor
Spouses Ruby Opal Coppedge (1932), Julia Allene Wright (1936), Velma Jaggers (née Jaggers) (1957-2004)
Children Joan Jaggers and Larry Abernathy
Parents David B. Jaggers (1891 - 1968) and Fludie L. Jaggers (née Detrick, 1891 - 1976)

The Reverend Dr. Orval Lee "O. L." Jaggers (January 8, 1916 - January 10, 2004) was an American evangelist, pastor, author, and scholar. He founded the Universal World Church in Los Angeles and with it the World Church Grade School, the World Church High School, the World Church Bible College, which would later become alternately the World Church University or University of the World Church. He established the World Fellowship of the World Church, the union of all participating World Church congregations throughout the world.

Early Life

Orval Lee Jaggers was born January 8, 1916, the son of David B. Jaggers, a Pentecostal preacher, and his wife, Fludie L. Jaggers (née Detrick) in Dardanelle, Arkansas. His older sister was Omah Abernathy (née Jaggers).

Early Ministry

Orval Jaggers started out in ministry in his mid twenties, between 1940[1] and 1944[2], by his own admission, in rural Missouri.

The Universal World Church

O. L. Jaggers came to Los Angeles in the spring of 1951. He began a revival series on April 13, 1952 at Calvary Temple, 123 N. Lake Street, Pastored by Rev. Leroy Kopp. [3] After two weeks, Jaggers moved the revival to the Olympic Arena [4] for a further four weeks. On the revival's ninth week, Jaggers rented the Shrine Auditorium Sunday afternoons while continuing daily meetings at Calvary Temple. [5][6]Jaggers concluded his first Los Angeles crusade after eleven weeks of meetings. [7] In August, Jaggers reconvened meetings at the "Great Tent Cathedral" at Washington and Hill Streets.[8] He then made arrangements to purchase the Calvary Temple facility which had recently become available as the congregation had constructed a new facility at 11th and Hope Streets. [9][10] Jaggers continued to hold meetings in his tent cathedral until renovations at 123 N. Lake Street were completed and the World Church opened at it new and what turned out to be its ultimate location Oct 4, 1952. [11] From his early days in ministry Dr. Jaggers used radio and television to broadcast his ministry to a wide audience. His voice has been heard in person or on the airwaves in over 70 countries.[12]


Dr Jaggers holds the following advanced degrees: Doctor of Science, Doctor of Biology and Divine Physics, Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Nuclear Biology, Ph.D. Professor of Human Genetics in the University Research Fellow of Biblical Manuscripts [12] all presumably granted by the University of the World Church. Moreover, Dr. Jaggers is a member of the intelligensia of the Life Sciences and Biblical Scholarship.[13]


Dr. Jaggers is the author of over 300 books [12] including Flying Saucers!, Omnipotence is Yours! Or How Deity Places Himself In the Lives of Men, Everlasting Spiritual and Physical Health, The Exorcist Today, How to Rid the World of Red Communism, and The Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb in Bible Prophecy.

Personal Life

At the age of 16, O. L. Jaggers became involved with a young woman, Ruby Opal Coppedge, aged 18. They married when she became pregnant. This marriage lasted only a short time. [14] When O. L. Jaggers moved to California, he brought with him the daughter from his first marriage, Joan. O. L. Jaggers was 17 when she was born. Joan supported her father's ministry with her musical talents.[15] O. L. Jaggers also has a son, Larry, with his second wife, Julia Aileen Smith. Omah Abernathy, Jaggers' sister, later adopted Larry. This is why newspapers reported him as Omah's son although she was in fact his aunt by blood.[16] In 1957, O. L. Jaggers married his first cousin, Velma Jaggers at the World Church.[15] O. L. and Velma Jaggers did not have children of their own, though at one point they were reportedly raising Robbie, O. L. Jaggers' grandson by his daughter, Joan.[17][18][19]


Dr. O. L. Jaggers passed away at the age of 88 in Glendale, CA. He is interred in the Sanctuary of Prayer, in the Freedom Mausoleum at Forestlawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.[20]


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