Flying Saucers!

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Flying Saucers!  
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Author O. L. Jaggers

Flying Saucers! is a book published in 1952 by O. L. Jaggers. In it, he relates his understanding of the UFO phenomenon establishing the fact of UFOs existence. He then states that UFOs are the "wheel within a wheel" spoken of by the Prophet Ezekiel. He equates UFOs with Cherubim and Seraphim and expounds upon the purpose of their manifestation.

As evidence of UFOs existence, he relates several UFO sightings, several of which were reported in mainstream media of the time including the Reader's Digest. At the time, the US military had established "flying saucer teams" to investigate UFO sightings. The existence of these "flying saucer teams was well known at the time. They were, however, discontinued in 1970. Jaggers also relates the well-known and tragic story of Captain Thomas Mantell, a Kentucky Air National Guardsman who perished when his P-51 Mustang came apart while presumably pursuing a UFO in January 1948. He further relates an incident that was reported in the Washington Post of several unidentified flying objects appearing in the sky over the US capital.

O. L. Jaggers then builds his case that contemporary reports of flying saucers match identically with the description of cherubim and seraphim found in scripture. He then explains that in the Bible the cherubim and seraphim were agents of God's wrath and judgment upon sinful and unclean Israel.

He continues with a warning for America. The cherubim and seraphim have appeared over the US signaling impending judgment for America because of her sinfulness and the uncleanness of the American church.

The book concludes with a call to action for the church. The church is the only hope for America and the only means of averting God's wrath as manifested by these angelic agents.

Flying Saucers!  
Author O. L. Jaggers

It is important to note that UFOs were a popular subject at the time and even Gordon Lindsay, editor of The Voice of Healing magazine wrote many times about UFOs. A modern Christian voice on the subject of UFOs is Michael Heiser.

Another book, titled U.F.O.s and the Creatures that Fly Them!, has been referred to on the web and in print. This appears to be an alternate (perhaps later) edition or simply an alternate cover for this book, Flying Saucers!

The entire book can be downloaded in electronic format here.