World Church City

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World Church City
Dos Vientos, CA
World Church City as envisioned by O. L. Jaggers.
World Church City as envisioned by O. L. Jaggers.
Town Newbury Park, CA
Country USA
Coordinates 34°09′21″N 118°58′41″W
34.155805°N 118.977948°W
34.155805; -118.977948
Current tenants Rancho Dos Vientos

The World Church City was a vision by O. L. Jaggers to build a religious center and city that would be "the most magnificent thing ever devised." Jaggers stated that a glory cloud would float perpetually over the property--a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night--and that it would cause airliners to be diverted so that passengers could view the phenomenon.[1]

Jaggers acquired the property in 1957 apparently with loans secured from members of his congregation and other business partners. The project became embroiled in a "welter of lawsuits against Jaggers and his World Church by persons who had loaned money for the project." Ultimately title for the property was transferred to Louis Lesser Enterprises of Beverly Hills when the firm agreed to pay off a $2 million promissory note in Jaggers' name, disentangling him from the property.

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